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 Here at Double M Toy and Mini Aussie's new dogs of interesting bloodlines have been purchased for breeding and work.  In selection of breeding pairs the main priorities for us are strong health and stable psyche. 

In breeding work we use the best representatives of proven bloodlines and consider both outstanding sides and faults of dogs to get the off springs of exceptional quality.  Our puppies have genetic tested parentage, stable movement, heavy bones, and breed heads.

You can add this bloodline to your program or have one of the best PET Toy or Mini Australian Shepherds to add to your family.

Our dogs are not numbers or raised in total confinement 24/7.  They interact with one another as well as many are used for farm work.  They live a life with lots of purpose to their breed standard.  We also show our dogs at American Stock Dog shows and all breed shows as well.  We have many champions in our program and strive to produce future champions.

All of our puppies get lots of one on one socializing as well as lots of time on the grooming table.  They receive full grooms weekly after they are 4 weeks old.  They have puppy play yards indoors and outdoors.  They learn patience and verbal commands.  They are loved unconditionally and given the utmost of medical care as well as nutritional care.  Every puppy goes through an evaluation process so that we can match the proper disposition to an owner's desire and life style.

All puppies leave with a complete puppy kit.  Which includes all medical paper work, nutritional supplements, food that they are currently on as well as copies of all parents genetic testing and proven champion show titles.

We offer a lifetime of support and information to our clients.  We strive to see them successful with their new dog and/or puppy.

Michael & Chandra Martin




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